A Statement of Admiration for a Brave Individual

As part of a fundraising program for the Pat Tillman Foundation, replica jerseys that feature Pat’s number 40 are being sold on the Arizona Cardinal’s website. According to The New York Times, the jerseys are selling extraordinarily well:

“The story of Pat Tillman, a guy who walked away from a truly brilliant career and who took a very principled stand, resonates with a lot of people,” Susan Rothman, the N.F.L.’s vice president of consumer products, said last week. “The purchase of these Tillman jerseys honors that stand and his sacrifice.”

Neither the N.F.L. nor the Cardinals make a dime off those sales. According to the wishes of Mr. Tillman’s family, proceeds from the sales benefit the Pat Tillman Foundation. (The jerseys sell for $64.99 at www.azcardinals.com, where they are the team’s top-selling replica jersey, and $74.99 at the N.F.L. site.)

The article goes on to describe the significance of the jerseys:

The Defense Department has said that Mr. Tillman was killed by friendly fire, but the sales of the replica jerseys are not necessarily related to the controversy over his death, nor do they seem to be related to the war in Iraq, Mr. Garwood and Ms. Rothman said.

“People believe in Pat,” Mr. Garwood said. “People are inspired by him.”

Ms. Rothman said: “It’s totally disassociated from any kind of political statement. It’s a statement of admiration for a brave individual.”

Do you know anyone who owns Pat’s number 40 jersey?

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